Path finder Astro Vastu Research Institute offers all types of Astrological by experts teams of astro vastu and Numero science under supervision of   Dr. Dinesh Ojha(Ph.D) and Dr. Bhanunjay Dhawar (Ph.D) who is the director of pathfinder. Pathfinder is well known for Astro Vastu consultancy and a prominent institute in Mumbai, India.

Consultancy services available with pathfinder are given below: (you can click for more detail whatever relevant to you)

All above given consultancies are given or provided in following parameters:

  • By mail
  • By post
  • By phone chats
  • By in person (strictly with pre appointment only)



Dr. Bhanunjai Dhawar, born and brought up in Pali (Rajasthan, India), being qualified with the astrological knowledge, had a great interest to know about one’s future.

He also having interests in Literature, have written few poems, phrases, songs which are been published periodically by Newspapers such as Dainik, Saptahik and more…

During his education he came across another fellow friend, Dr. Dinesh Ojha, who had the same Interests which resulted in a good Friendly relation. Both had completed their education in Astrology and were honored with the PH.D Degree for their outstanding performances.

After completeing their education, when Dr. Dinesh Ojha expressed his desire to start some Astrological Consultation Unit in Mumbai with Dr. Bhanunjai Dhawar as a partner, the foundation of Pathfinder Astro-Vastu Research Institute was laid.

With self Confidence, Patience and Loyalty towards work, Dr. Bhanunjai Dhawar is an important element in the success o Pathfinder.

His articles, poems are been published in various print media and is even being Interviewed by various T.V. Channels.



Dr. Dinesh Ojha, born and brought up by an astrological family at MuddaAndely (Rajasthan, India), was grown in the astrological environment and hence he naturally possesses the knowledge of astrology being in the family environment.

During the Teenage , along with his education , Dr. Dinesh Ojha, also showed interest towards gaining astrological knowledge and thus he expertise his knowledge and was honored with PH.D Degree.

Being in the astrological environment, Dr. Dinesh Ojha started giving consultancy and guidance to the neighbourhood friends and fellow beings and thus developing a recognition for himself in the surrounding areas. But he wished to cater his services keeping base at Mumbai and thus started his career with completely new concepts and technique, which resulted in the formation of Pathfinder Astro-Vastu Research Institute. Today Pathfinder Astro-Vastu Research Institute is a recognized organization in India and All Over World.

Dr. Dinesh Ojha, has written several articles that are published in Newspapers and Bulletins, had been interviewed by various T.V. Channels and also his astrological programmes are been viewed on T.V.